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Wanted to know what is Search Engine Optimization and its process? This is a beginner and brief course for those who wanted to learn SEO step by step, read for free!!  Today “SEO”has become a necessity in this information age for any business. It is the process of making your website much more visible to various search engines so that it appears among the top results under the relevant search queries.

What is SEO?

In simple word we can understand in this way – the SEO is a on-going process to optimize a website (by following Google Search Engine guidelines) in order to rank well on Search Engine Result Pages. SEO serves different purposes for different people. It depends on the purpose of the website, whether it is an e-commerce website, or a travel, or finance, or an education website. Or it can vary according to the objectives it aims to achieve, like increasing sales, increasing visibility or establishing of brand.

SEO Process Explained

Being an experienced SEO company, we are providing free basic seo course steps by step so that you can also implement it on your website:

Keyword Research

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

This is the most important preliminary step that needs to be considered. Whether you are hiring any seo company or doing the promotion work by your own, the keyword research is a vital part.  Make sure to You have to concentrate on the main essence of your website and bring it down to a few key phrases that would connect to your website. It is recommended that you close in on around five key words for the entire website overall, and one to three phrases for individual pages.

Check the Competition

Analyze your competitors website

Another important strategic move is to check out your competition. Know their ranking and what kind of strategy they are utilising. The lesser the competition, easier it is to gain the edge over them. This step is vital in determining the resources you need to allocate towards your SEO.

Fix and Clean up Website

Fix and clean up website to provide better user experience

If you are just setting out to create a website, you are at an advantage. You need to ensure that you consider search engine friendly design and architecture when developing your website. This will save you a lot of cost later on, and give you an edge over other similar websites.

Search engine friendly design is not very complicated to understand, and for the most part it is user friendly too, which works out as a double advantage for you.

Add Informative Content on Your website

Keep adding quality content to rank well on search engines

It goes without saying that Good content is the pioneering strategy for you to grow your website. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to regularly update your content and adjust to the changes in the market. Also, keep in mind that your content has to be good quality and related to what your website is about, but not necessarily aimed to increase traffic and exposure to your business directly. It has been found that many other websites and Search engines avoid linking to such content that is only there as a sales pitch.

Create Sitemap for User and Search Engines

An XML and HTML sitemap is must

All major search engines allow the submission of a sitemap (.xml) from a webmaster console. They in turn provide reports and statistics which make them invaluable tools since they provide insights into subtle problems which would remain undetected in your website.

Add Analytics to monitor Traffic

Add analytics to website to monitor website traffic

Web analytics are very important in understanding what how your different actions translate into results in the case of your website. When you engage in any activities like SEO, or email marketing, or Banner Ads, or Paid Search, or Affiliate marketing, then you need analytics in place to let you know what is working favourably, so that you steer clear of the things that don’t work out that well for your purpose. This helps gauge the effectiveness of your online activities and will help you allocate resources to the things that help your website along.

Get Genuine Back Link

Get quality and genuine backlink to rank well

Inbound links are crucial to Search Engine Optimization as they are one of the main parameters upon which every search engine relies, to rank pages in their search results. And it is necessary for you too. Only when people see links to your work, will they actually know who you are and what you do. This activity should be proactively done, so that you find more people willing to link to your content.

Get Social

Create and manage social account

Social media is the fundamental lifeline of your website. It lets you talk to and engage people who you are reaching out to. Listen to their needs, their concerns, their criticism, and build your groundwork around it. It also allows for networking and brand building at a fraction of the cost of your regular offline methods. You can also check Digital Marketing course here in detail.

Ranking and Traffic Analysis

Monitor keyword's ranking and traffic

This is a constant activity that you need to keep undertaking in order to keep your Website SEO optimised. Keep analysing the data and evaluate the success of the steps you took. Look for different trends and use them to shape any future marketing needs that you have. Along with your website’s ranking, it is necessary to keep an eye on traffic trends. Your SEO efforts should directly result in increase of traffic, and higher conversion rates.