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Kumar Solutions is offering data entry outsourcing services at affordable rates. We are specialized Company offering data conversion, web scraping & back office work. As it is a fact that data processed well can be real good information, this sounds completely true with the services rendered by Kumar Solutions of Ranchi, India. Even growing by leaps and bounds in this small township, we have boundless energy to render valuable services in information technology. Data processing can be described as our forte and we have got our specialized services for faster and accurate data entry, which is tuned to the demand from the clients.

Data Entry Service Provider Company in India

We are data entry service provider company located in Ranchi, India. Outsource your data entry projects and save up to 60%.  We have been working with Real Estate,  NGOs, Medical and other sectors.  Unique content is something that websites need to appear attractive and informative. Additionally, our teams of content writers have their excellent command over any kind of writing that you need most to communicate to the world.

An outline of our Data Entry Services

Let’s see what are our specialized areas in data management, particularly data entry services?

We have:

  • Excellent expertise in online and offline data entry services and content development
  • Really fabulous sources of data
  • Expertise in research from the web
  • Good efficiency in feeding data by hand
  • Superb services in technical documentation
  • Well-versed exposure in copy editing, translation and editorial services

Why You Should Outsource Data Entry Projects?

As it is well-said “a good content can define the soul of the business or services rendered by an organization”, we have our dedicated writers, who can provide the valuable and timely services in giving you the best in such kind of writing.

We can describe our services for the unique content development in the following expression;

  • Cost – Our data entry work is very much affordable and help you to save nearly 60%. Outsourcing your work to us in India will help you to invest saved amount on other business activities.
  • We do a lot brain storming within the team before compiling our ideas in pen and paper.
  • Till the composition in the structure of the writing is perfect, we keep on focusing on the relevance of the written words
  • We perceive that ultimately a write-up is a product that we develop in close coordination with the website’s owner and pay utmost attention to its depth, completeness, and relevance before uploading the same in the website.
  • Our writers have mature understanding about a particular subject.
  • To support the content, we provide images, graphics, video, links, and back-links and other pertinent things to make the content appear holistic in every aspect.
  • We make revisions and revisions before finalizing the content.