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With the advent of globalization and digitization, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Now people can shop from their comfort of their place without worrying about scurrying through busy traffic and that too at any point of the day. Price range also suits every economic budget and there is less to worry about exchange or even refund.

Top places to sell products online

Not only online shopping has become a hot favorite  amongst buyers, more and more business owners are shifting to an online store. The worry of paying rent for a physical store goes down drastically thereby increasing profit by great margins. Also commission based payment options, shipping facilities and packaging ease gives the buyer an edge over physical stores which require close and careful management round the clock.

Once you know what to sell and understand the online market well it is time to upload your product photographs and get your business rolling.

Top 10 Places to Sell Your Products Online

If you are still wondering what is the best platform to sell online then here are top 10 sites which will help prospective sellers display their products to millions of buyers across the globe at just a click of a button:

1) Amazon

Amazon has its global presence across the world and has established its trust via a seamless and user friendly interface. It started in 1994 based out in the U.S. with over 300000 sellers in 2017 of which more than half made an average sales of 100000 dollars!There are over 1 million products on sale on this site. You can also take help from professional for Amazon product upload services to save your time.

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2) Ebay

Ebay is yet another good platform to sell products online. With its global presence has about 6.7 million sellers and 168 million active buyers. With this huge number of customers it becomes easy for sellers to showcase their products and make good profit. Note: Ebay has stopped selling in India, this you can choose below Ebay alternatives to sell products / services online.

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3) Shopify (Usa, India, Canada, China)

Shopify is the 2nd best places to sell your products online, based in the USA, Canada, India and China Shopify has spread its presence in the growing online shopping market. It is a Canadian based company with over customers and a wide variety of products to offer.With over 131 million active buyers Shopify made a record sales of 100,000 dollars during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale.

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4) Etsy

For all those artists, handcrafts and sellers of vintage products Etsy is the best place to sell their products. In 2017 the annual income grossed more than 441 million US dollars with over 33.4 million customers.

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5) Flipkart

Flipkart is based in India and is a good platform for online sellers to sell a wide variety of products from garments, books, household goods, electronics and many more. It presently has over 100 million users.

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6) Newegg

Based in California, United States, Newegg is an online selling platform for electronic goods and computer hardware parts. It managed to earn a revenue of 2.65 billion USD in 2016. Apart from computers and laptops the site also sells cameras, sports goods, watches, jewelry and gaming products.

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7) Craigslist

Craigslist has become America’s top online classified advertisement site covering sections like jobs, discussion forums, various items, services, sale of houses and many more. It also comprises of gigs and communities where millions of people exchange views and buy good and services.

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8) Olx

Olx is a selling platform majorly for used items and currently operating in 45 countries. Sales dominate in sectors like furniture, cars, electronics and freelance jobs. It has a strong base in India.

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9) Quikr

Quikr originated in India and operates as an advertisement platform. Renting is also made possible through this site and is convenient for sellers to showcase their products to a large and growing customer base.

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10) .com

Sears started in the US as a chain of departmental store and eventually started its online platform. Its growing seller community speaks volumes of its expanding prospects for prospective sellers and to create an online catalogue to showcase to millions of users. There are opportunities for international sellers other than US also.

All these best places to sell your products online have a large number of customer base making it easier for national and international sellers to sell their products without much hassle. Also selling is commission based depending on sales and sellers do not have to pay joining fee or rentals for their products. However shipping and packaging are included in the final pricing and may or may not be additionally charged.

Basic KYC documents and tax certificate/licenses are required to start selling on these online platforms which are country specific. Seller support for each website has all the necessary information required for starting selling online.