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A small size business owner must be aware of basic of search engine optimization (SEO). Follow these 10 tips with free tool to improve your website ranking on Google. If you want to run a successful small business, it is not easy as always because small businesses have limited staff, limited time and it has to manage its business on a limited budget. In these circumstances, promote and run your business in low-cost through online may be a great thing but it is very important to know all about the nuances of the online business. Some simple and effective ways to boost visibility for your business in search results can improve your marketing efforts.

Proven SEO Tips for small business owner to grow their busines online

Here we are going to give you Top 10 SEO Tips and Secretes for Small Business those will help you drastically to scale up the customer for your business. Follow these DIY (Do IT Yourself) tips:

1) Identify Your Customer

Understand Customer's requirements

Many companies are focused on their sales and products and don’t see the people who really run the company which are the customers. So you need to collect all the information of your customers that provide an insight into your customers thinking, buying patterns, and location as well. Also, try to provide the exceptional customer service that can keep people coming back and set you apart from your competitors as well. Customers always want the best service at best price that’s why you should decide the best price for your products and services that will help you in boosting customers.

2) Keyword Research

Keyword research using Google Adword and other tool

This is a very important thing to keep in your mind before starting Small Business. SEO keyword research should be an ongoing part for you to establish yourself as a successful marketer. So prior to start implementing the keywords into your copy, you should know about the exact keywords related to your product and services those people are searching. This task can be performed easily through Google AdWords. There are also other several keyword research tool available online that can be use to find niche keywords.

3) Make Website User and Search Engine Friendly

Build a website that is user and search engine friendly

Making your website User & Search Engine Friendly, you should always try to make an easy-to-navigate website and always define to your visitors that who you are and what you’re offering. Always use responsive website design so that it can open easily on all platform from mobile, desktop to tablet. For making a user-friendly website, you should always use a lot of headings to improve readability and put your keywords in the headings which will also help you to rank higher in the Search Engine.

4) Improve Website Load Speed

Improve website speed

The growing of your business website depends upon few effective business tactics that you should follow to make your flourishing business and it becomes more important if your business is online. So if the speed of your website is slow, it probably will not attract your customers for the sales or services. They can’t wait for minutes to load your site. Most of all, it will adversely affect your Google ranking. Use free tool gtmetrix.com to measure to website speed.

5) Work on Content

Content development is important for small business owner

Persons, who want to stand out their website alone, it is not an easy task for those who want to grow their business through internet. For this, you’ll not find any magic trick unless you don’t make your content rich which is the first and foremost technique to grow your business through internet. Also, search engines tend to reward those websites that make a real value to their users. During making the content, you should always provide a clear structure of each piece of content. Use headlines, subheadings, bullets, and bolds in the most relevant parts of your copy.

6) Get Your Business Listed in Google Local Business

List your business on Google Business

If you want to make your small business website to show up in the top search results, you need to do everything that it can get listed at the top of Google’s search results. As a Small Business owner, your success depends on dragging local customers. So always ensure that your site must be optimized for local search that allows you to rank higher as a local shopkeeper in the Google. This also helps you drastically to access quickly and easily to the meaningful visitors across the city. Also, if you’re keen to keep your business on the top, you should also list your business in Google Local Businesses (www.google.com/business/)that will help you to identify amongst the local customers.

7) Search Engine Friendly URL

URL should be user and search engine friendly

Users always prefer easy URL searching that’s why keep your URL easy and it should also able to tell all about. If you make your URL user-friendly, it will help describe your content drastically and also help to avoid duplicate content. Besides, it also helps you to increase search engine ranking for sought-after keywords. So, you should be noted that the keywords you choose should be purposeful, precise and well-researched as well.

8) On Page Optimization

The On Page Optimization helps to boost your business ranking better in the search engine. In this process, various components of a single web page for a particular keyword start getting noticed by the search engines. It is also known as a basic step to SEO that’s why it helps you in improving your search engine rankings. Check our specialized on page seo services detail here. Lacking, On Page Optimization, it will difficult to get noticed your website by the search engine. To understand what is SEO, we recommend to read this article.

9) Off Page Optimization

The Off Page Optimization is also a primary thing to rank your website from other websites which can be availed after not spending too much like hiring an SEO expert which is often expensive.  You earn links by creating valuable content that others want to link to and best links come from reputable sources that are often relevant to your business.

10) Get Your Website Register on Google Webmaster

This is the very significant tactic to communicate with Google. With the help of this, you also get to know that how Google perceives your site. After registering yourself in the Google Webmaster www.google.com/webmasters , in the Crawl Errors section, you will see the errors encountered by Google for your website while the Search Queries section shows the keywords used by your users searching your website.