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Kumar Solutions 12 years experience SEO Company based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai offering Digital Marketing services from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) to complete internet marketing solution.  Search Engine Optimization is a popular and most feasible way to make your business global. It is one of the ways through which you can list your business or company website on the top of the search results when someone searches for similar business or products and services that you offer. Coming at the top has its perks and being a businessman you will know it well. There are various ways through which you can make your business or company noticeable and one such is through SEO.

SEO Company located in Mumbai, Maharashtra

In technical terms, Search Engine Optimization is a framework of certain set of rules which are to be followed by business owners for optimizing their websites in search engines such as Google, Bing etc and get good rankings.

Why you should use Search Engine Optimization?

It is the psychology of people that if your business website is showing at the top then audiences who are also potential customers will be more trustworthy towards your business and may also use your products and services. Staying at the top will also help other businesses to compete with you and in return you too will be thriving to do and give your best.

The top ranking will also give audiences a sense of value that your company has created and they will surely opt for your services more than other companies or businesses. SEO is really useful in such situation so that your business can not only deal with local or national population but can also deal serve the global audience. The more number of people you can reach to the more your business will flourish. You can also learn the Search Engine Optimization process here in detail.

How SEO is Helpful for Your Business?

If you already own a website, but not on 1st page, then you are probably losing business, since no one is going to 2nd page of Google to find out the services/product they are looking for. And that’s where the Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture. A proper white HAT SEO (Guidelines by Google) can help your website to rank on 1st page, divert traffic and convert it into leads. We are also a SEO Company in Pune offering our complete marketing solutions.

Additionally, SEO helps in maintain a stable rank of your website and also works to improve the website ranking. Apart from that, with the help of SEO you can also make your website look attractive and at the top of the search results which will give your website an added advantage. There are various other services that you can avail from us  which can again help in enhancing your business status both on page as well as off page so that you are ahead of your competitors. This is how we start the work:

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Analyze your prospective customers
  3. Keyword Research
  4. URL Architecture Analysis and suggestion
  5. Content Optimization
  6. Rest On-Page Optimization
  7. Make website lightning speed
  8. Off-Page Optimization
  9. XML Sitemap, Robots, .htaccess file creation
  10. Submission on Search Engines

Why you should Hire SEO Company in Mumbai?

We at Kumar Solutions offering best SEO services at competitive rates to grow your business online. Following are few points that stand us out from the crowd:

  • 12 years of vast experience
  • Strictly use White Hat Techniques
  • Have a dedicated team
  • Cheapest SEO Company, our prices are 40% lower
  • Can cancel services any time
  • No advance payment
  • Have presence in 02 states of India

How to Hire the Right SEO Expert?

Since there are various agencies working to offer you value for money SEO services, very few are there who are just working to deliver you the best and make your business grow while they are creating a niche in the market. Below are some of the tips which as a business you need to know in order to hire an SEO expert:

  • Before hiring an SEO expert, make sure that you have researched well about the person who shall be working with you later.
  • Make sure to check with the client list and feedbacks from the clients so as to understand how the person deals with the given work and what are his approach for the same.
  • Talk in person before hiring and tell him your requirements and see whether the person is understands your situation or not. Also see what measures he is taking to deal with your requirements.
  • Check with the technological and related aspects on which the person works so as to ensure that your business gets the best.
  • The major thing to check is the type of SEO the person does, whether it is White Hat or Black Hat SEO. White Hat deals with systematic process (guidelines provided by Google) and takes time to improve the ranking of your website where as Black Hat can help you get quick ranking but there will also be a chance of ranking going down and in worst case, your website might be banned. It will affect your website value and brand name.

If you are looking forward to hire an SEO expert and particularly in Mumbai, then there are various reputed, skilled and highly professional SEO expert in Mumbai who can help you to get a good website ranking and make your business reach new levels in a systematic manner.