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Looking for Internship in Ranchi? Students recently passed out BBA, BCA, BA in 2018 can learn new technology and get hands-on-experience. We at Kumar Solutions aim to help our nation’s young minds to find a solution to their career goals. Often students are baffled by their career choices and have little or no exposure to the real world situations. We thus came up with our Internship program in order to mentor, guide and expand possibilities on what the students would like to pursue and open up several avenues for a steep career growth for them.

Kumar Solutions internships have stringent inclusion criteria and are available only to students who qualify the following criteria:

  1. A profound admiration and knowledge about technology and its implication in the society is a mandate along with an undying love for the subject
  2. Awareness about social media platforms and how it works along with being lightly involved in the same
  3. An intriguing nature about the importance of internet and its impact on global business through customer and prospective client relationships
  4. An inclination towards creative thinking and a thirst for knowledge
  5. Be prepared to work beyond the 9-5 boundaries and have a go-getter attitude to breech the mediocrity gap
  6. Have a clear vision of changing the world through their work and make sure to work hard to achieve the dreams, sometimes even stretch beyond the threshold and work extra hard to reach the summit
  7. Have an undying passion for researching data whether it be social media or any other facts which are required to substantiate the current project
  8. Be quick with project delivery deadlines and be extremely punctual

Who can apply for Internship?

There are generally 10 subjects that are linked to our area of work dealing with search engine optimization and online marketing for various business growths. All these subjects contribute in their unique way to find how people function, react to ads, search various data, and spend time on viewing products and much more. Through a plethora of social media platforms like Bling, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like business get great insights into the target audience and prospective buyers helping them grow manifold. Thus being an extremely crucial work, only the best of the students are allowed on-board to change the world of business! Anyone with the above characteristics and the following subjects are free to apply through our online portal:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Business Administration
  3. Marketing
  4. Business
  5. Human Resource
  6. Communication
  7. Project management
  8. Public Relations
  9. Information Technology
  10. Hospitality Management

Students who are recently passed out with below qualification can also apply for internship in Ranchi, details are as follows:

  • BBA – Must have good command in written English
  • BCA – Student willing to apply for Internship must know about HTML, basic photo editing, database concept.
  • BA – Must have good typing speed with good command either in English or Hindi language.

Above subjects are simply suggested and is not limited. Any students who have valid reasons for inclusion without the above stated subjects can write us about why he/she will be suitable for internship. For any other queries students are free to contact us on the numbers and e-mail id provided on our Contact Us page.

Step aboard and enter a world full of opportunity! Apply now!

Good luck!