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The Kumar Solutions offering Live Digital Marketing Training in Ranchi. We conduct live course and classes which is perfect for freshers, graduates and professionals.

Digital Marketing Classes in Ranchi with Practical Training

Digital Marketing Syllabus Overview

Are you looking for Digital marketing training in Ranchi, Jharkhand then you came to the correct place. Today, there is good scope of digital marketing not only in India but across the world. Here is brief detail of Digital marketing course that we conduct in our Ranchi institute:

Course Duration: 03 Month

What Students Will Learn

1) Digital Marketing Overview

The course has been designed to help the students understand the basic concepts of digital marketing and to provide them with the skills that will help them in establishing a career in this area. The outcome of the course will be well trained professionals who understand the main concepts that are needed for becoming an influential marketing expert in the digital platform.

2) Website Planning and Creation

The main areas of website planning and creation will focus on helping the students to understand the essential parts that a good website should include. Apart from this, the technical concepts of website designing will also be taught. The students will learn:

  • Basic concepts of designing a website using using CMS.
  • Registration process of a website.
  • Launching and maintaining a website.

3) Google AdWords & Analytics

In order for your website to be easily accessible from Google, the basic concepts of Good AdWords and Analytics will be included in the course.

  • Making a Google AdWords account.
  • Setting up the location, language and other details for the websites for making it easy for people to find it.
  • Designing a campaign on the website.

4) Facebook Marketing

In order to take over the social media sites, a dedicated series of lessons will be provided on marketing on Facebook. The lesson plan includes:

  • Understanding the value of Facebook for marketing.
  • Understanding the target audience.
  • Learning ways to approach the target audience through Facebook and other social media websites.

5) YouTube and Video Marketing

A video with a good YouTube rank is often a result of good marketing. This part of the course will help students understand:

  • Process of creating a YouTube Channel.
  • Factors that affect ranking of videos in YouTube.
  • Setting up keywords for YouTube videos.
  • Creating good quality YouTube content.

6) Search Engine Optimization

In order to promote a product or service over online platforms, SEO is an important concept that students should understand. The course aims at developing an understanding of:

  • The importance of SEO for digital marketing.
  • Creating a Google My Business profile and maintaining it.

Students can find detailed Search Engine Optimization Course details here.

7) Copy Writing

In order to ensure that the contents of the website or any online marketing method are appealing to the target group, it is necessary that crisp and appealing content is created.

  • Key elements of an influential content page.
  • Designing and publicity of the website through interesting content.

8) Email Marketing

As email marketing is a very important part of digital marketing, the right approach for all types of customers needs to be identified. The course design includes:

  • The basic important elements of email marketing.
  • The correct way to approach individual clients through emails.

9) eCommerce Site Marketing

In order to make a product popular among the people who prefer purchasing it from online websites, there need to be a certain method that should be used to approach them. The course aims to teach students:

  • Basic concepts of e commerce marketing.
  • Ways to make your products more appealing on an e commerce website.

Students will get Practical Assignments on live website from Live Marketing, Content Writing, SEO and many more.

This will help students to learn Digital Marketing with live and practical classes.

Additional Features of Digital Marketing Course

Internship Opportunity

  • 02 Months Internship
  • Opportunity to work on Live Projects

Placement Preparation

  • Resume Preparation
  • Face-to-face Mock Interviews

Digital Marketing Course FAQs

Question: I am Graduate and freshers, can I enrolled for this course?
Answer: Freshers candidate or experienced professional having basic knowledge of computer and internet can learn digital marketing.

Question: Will you provide live training on Digital marketing in your institute?
Answer: Yes, more than 70% of the training is based on practical and will be conducted on live demo website.