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Find the 02 best free broken link checker that can easily scan your website and find dead link without any signup. It works for static html sites, wordpress and for all cms based sites.

How to Check for Broken Links on a Website using free online tool

Broken Link Checker for free

What exactly is a Broken Link?

When a user is visiting your website and chooses to click on a link that should direct them to a specific page, but instead they are treated to a 404 error message – that link is called a broken link. A broken link is also sometimes known as a dead link.

A broken link may be created when:

  • Your website is temporarily or permanently disabled
  • The linked webpage may have been deleted
  • The webpage Permalink may have been modified or changed
  • The web page has been blocked by a firewall or any other program
  • By human error, while adding a hyperlink on a page.

Why are Broken Links bad for your website?

Broken links cause a sub-par user experience and can affect the legitimacy of your website. The main disadvantages of having broken link is bad user experience. When a visitor comes across a broken link, they may feel that their purpose is not served and it will cause them to move on to another website. Because of the bad experience with broken links, they may never return. That’s why it is recommended to take a help of an seo expert in order to avoid such error on a website.

Due to the advent of social media, visitors can also leave comments on their experience. A bad review can stop further incoming traffic and damage the credibility of your website.

Broken links also negatively affect SEO. If there are dead links on your pages, Search engine bots cannot move through your website efficiently and this sharply affects your page ranking.

How to find broken links for free?

In order to find broken links, there plenty of free resources available on the internet. These websites offer a thorough checking of your entire website, crawling through all your webpages and spotting broken and dead links wherever they are situated and highlight them.

For every bad link that is found (both internal and outgoing) there is a display screen that shows the page source and it also highlights the HTML tag that contains the dead URL, which helps you modify the error and mend your webpage immediately.

Most of these tools support all modern net browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Also, they can be used across the board, whether your website is made using PHP, JSP, ASP etc, or with tools like Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, or even if it is made using HTML/XHTML.

Free Broken Link Checker

Some of the websites which are mentioned below are very useful to find a dead link without any restriction: